Loudoun Youth Inc.

Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition

Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition encourages middle and high school youth across the county to identify an issue in their school, neighborhood or community, create a plan to address that issue, and implement the plan. The goal is to encourage, support and reward the youth of Loudoun County for making positive changes in their own lives and the lives of others.

More than 70 teams of Loudoun County’s middle and high school students submitted projects for the competition. Due to COVID-19 situation, the competition moved to a virtual format. Projects offered ways to protect the environment, promote generational and inclusive health, and promote education support for one another during this time. Here’s a rough estimate of the impact Loudoun Youth participants created in 2020:
  • 263 youth participated in the competition
  • 78 teams shared their projects before COVID-19
  • 41 teams submitted their projects to our online competition
  • 4,890 hours were spent on projects
  • 8,116 people were impacted by caring ideas
  • $134,475.00 of economic impact was made to Loudoun County (using the virginiaservice.virginia.gov resource)

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our student participants of the 2020 Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition!

10 Teams advanced to the Finals:
  • 90 Beats Per Second
  • Clean Nails Everybody Everywhere
  • Dancing For Happiness
  • EHK Tutoring
  • Generating Electricity through Walking
  • Hydrolution
  •  Life Skills Education
  • Posture, Exercise Nutrition for Kids
  •  Seneration
  • Wheelchair Accessible Slide

Top Three Winners:

  • 1st Place- $1,000- Clean Nails Everybody Everywhere
  • 2nd Place- $750 Posture Exercise & Nutrition for Kids
  • 3rd Place- $500 Life Skills Education
Be part of the 2021 Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition. Check back in September to learn how to apply.