Loudoun Youth Inc.

Compete in the Loudoun Battle of the Bands

Loudoun’s Battle of the Bands provides a safe venue for middle and high school bands across the county and allows them to perform in front of their peers. Loudoun’s best youth bands and performers compete for the chance to perform on a big stage. Prizes are awarded for the top place finishers and can include studio time, private lessons with music industry and songwriting professionals, and much more.

Thank You to Our Recent Battle Competitors

December Battle

  • Eternal Moon – 1st Place
  • Yonatan – 2nd Place
  • The Wickers – Fan Favorite
  • Ed Chong – Solo Winner
  • Eshaal Mirza
  • Max Garrett
  • Natalie Williams

January Battle

  • The Venture Jazz Collective – 1st Place
  • ACT – 2nd Place
  • Blackfire – Fan Favorite
  • Emila Battaglia – Solo Winner
  • Nick DeMolay
  • One Rule
  • Red The Trouble
  • Piper Stewart
  • Pop Rox
  • Supersaurus

February Battle

  • Downe Lands – 1st Place
  • World View – 2nd Place
  • Butter Chicken Band – Fan Favorite
  • Penelope Lyla – Solo Winner
  • The Eternals
  • SaReGaMe Band
  • The Purple Voyagers
  • Sour Match

Final Battle Winners

  • Downe Lands – 1st Place
  • The Venture Jazz Collective – 2nd Place
  • Blackfire – Fan Favorite
  • Ed Chong – Solo Winner
  • ACT
  • Yonatan
  • Emila Battaglia
  • World View
  • Eternal Moon
  • Butter Chicken Band
  • The Wickers

Interested in Playing or Competing?

Loudoun’s Battle of the Bands is 100% free for all Loudoun teens. 

For eligibility, competition rules, and application, please visit: loudoun.gov/teens.

Loudoun Battle of the Bands is produced in partnership with Loudoun County PRCS and the Youth Advisory Council.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact: swolfson@loudounyouth.org.