DCUB3D (Discuss, Debate, Discover) seeks to prepare the next generation by reinstating a productive dialectic into the public conversation.  LYI, in partnership with Independent Education (IndED) has worked to develop a new forum for the youth of Loudoun County designed to support engaging, respectful conversations on the topics of the day. Organically grown from the youth themselves, DCUB3D gives these youth a positive, out of school opportunity to connect with others with whom they may differ on many issues. Based upon the open platform of Community Conversations, youth are invited to discuss topics that are important to them, including patriotism, gender identity, sexuality, suicide, mental health, stress, free speech, politics, the right to protest, and many others.

“The Point” is how DCUB3D introduces civic engagement and productive conversation to the teen community.

Ready for a respectful conversation on current hot topics with other high school youth